Linda O’Higgins                                                                   

Title: Post-Doctoral Research Associate
Phone: 087 625 5067


A marine scientist by training, Linda’s research interests include marine microbial photobiology and biotechnology, sustainable development and the circular biobased economy. Joining the UV-SINTEC team in March 2018, she served as researcher in Dr. Morrison’s group. Her work varied from measuring LEDs to providing the common language interface between Engineering and Plant Science. Her work on the project led to her securing funding of her own to commercialise Omega-3 production from microalgae, for which she has received multiple commercialisation awards.


Linda holds a B.Sc. honours degree in Marine Science (1:1) and a Ph.D. in microbiology from NUIG. Graduating in 2006, she was awarded a U.S. National Academy of Sciences post-doctoral fellowship hosted collaboratively by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration and Oregon State University. Research examined climate-driven changes in phytoplankton population structure and ecotoxicology for the development of an early warning forecast system for harmful algal blooms (HABs) in the Northern California Current. Following this, Linda served as a PDRA in microalgal physiology on the EU Interreg project, Sustainable Fuels from Marine Biomass or Biomara project.  This involved applied research focussed on the optimisation of laboratory culture conditions (temperature, light and nutrients) to maximize neutral lipid yields in oleaginous marine microalgae. During a six-year break from full-time research, Linda provided specialist consultancy services to the emerging marine biotechnology sector, providing expert advice and research services to niche start-ups, industry groups and academic institutes on both sides of the Atlantic.

Most recently, Linda served as co-ordinator of the DG EASME-funded project, SIMCelt, focussing on social, scientific and economic aspects of the Maritime Spatial Planning Directive and helping promote transnational cooperation in transboundary zones of the Celtic Seas.

Further details of Linda’s publication record and research interests can be found at Research Gate.